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Paper Topic: Experiencing a Different Religion

One part is to research the history, beliefs, practices, and political involvement of your chosen tradition. You will need to consult both scholarly research and what the religion says about itself in its own literature (including websites, books, pamphlets, etc.). The second part is a visit to a congregation representing the tradition you have chosen to study. Since you will be ambassadors of Notre Dame, please be sure to dress and act appropriately during the service. Learn when the service starts and ends so that you can arrive early and stay until the end. If you have questions about the service many congregations have a website to consult, or you can call the congregation’s office and ask about appropriate attire, length of the service, etc. You are welcome to attend a service in the South Bend area, in your hometown, or anywhere else of your choosing. Students in the class are also welcome to attend a service in small groups, keeping in mind the need not to be disruptive. You will find that nearly all congregations are very welcoming to visitors, so you should not be shy about introducing yourself and explaining the purpose of your visit.

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