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Religion, Literature, and Film: Global Pursuits of Meaning

This course pursues the unique insights contemporary fiction and film offer for understanding world religions and spiritualistic. What do such narratives suggest about similarities and differences between Midwestern Protestantism and New York City Judaism, or between Iranian Islam and New Zealand indigenous spirituality? Conversely, the course considers the value of religious and secular questions for understanding literary and filmic characters and plots. What can understanding basic concepts of Hinduism or Taoism, for instance, reveal about an Oscar-winning film or a major science fiction novel?


This syllabus was created for the Young Scholars in American Religion program.

Everett Hamner

Western Illinois University-Quad Cities

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Undergraduate Course, Graduate Course
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Religious Studies, Other

Buddhism, General Comparative Traditions, Hinduism, Indigenous, Islam, Judaism, Protestant
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Empire/Foreign Policy/Globalism, Popular Culture/Media/Music/Sports, Pluralism/Secularism/Culture Wars, Race/Ethnicity, Region/Urban/Rural

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