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Sociology of Religion

This course is a beginning exploration of theoretical and substantive issues relating to the sociology of religion. One goal of this course is to enable you to understand your own religious experience or background in the context of a variety of religious traditions. While the course focuses primarily on Western religions, there will be some integration of material which examines New Religious Movements. Another goal of the course is to explore the continuing relevance of religion in today’s world. A third aim is to focus on issues of gender and religion, in particular, women as clergy and women as religious practitioners. Finally, we will seek to understand, compare and contrast, the worldviews of two particular religious groups, evangelicals and fundamentalists.


This syllabus was created for the Young Scholars in American Religion program.

Lori G. Beaman

University of Lethbridge

Private College or University
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Undergraduate Course
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Religious Studies, Sociology

General Comparative Traditions, New Religious Movements, Protestant
Religous Tradition

Gender/Women/ Sexuality, Pluralism/Secularism/Culture Wars

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