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Teaching Resources

In public elementary and secondary institutions, teachers face many challenges in discussing religion in the context of American history, government, literature, and other areas. Parents with strong beliefs may object to the presentation of religious points of view they don’t share. Parents who believe in secular education may object to religion being discussed at all. The objective, of course, is to teach about religion without teaching religion.

College students can also have difficulty objectively interpreting religious content. Because American religious practice has played an integral role in the development of the nation, its government, its literature, and its politics, it is vital to introduce students to this perspective. The YSAR syllabi provide cutting-edge approaches to teaching new generations of students about religion’s role in North American life.

The Center is pleased to share instructional materials developed by its researchers and participating scholars for use in the classroom. From college syllabi and instructional videos to K-12 lessons plans and helpful blogs, these materials help educators incorporate religious topics in the classroom.

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